Management and marketing in art business

Programme of the professional retraining

Speciality: History of Art. Management art business.

Mode of study: evening, e-learning

Education period: 7 months.

Schedule: 4-hour classes 3 times per week

The aim of this programme is to acquire professional skills to work as an art-dealer, a curator, an auctioneer.

The programme includes:



DisciplineAcademic hours
1. Gallery business and antique house: principles of professionalism. 40
2. Basis of an art-dealing profession and the contemporary art market. 30
3. Artworks marketing. 30
4. Method of holding auctions. 20
5. Legal and regulatory issues, customs regulations on import and export of cultural values. 20
6. Museology. 20
7. Method of expert analysis of painting and decorative & applied arts. 16
8. Consulting in the sphere of collecting. 24
9. Art as an object of investments. 24
10. Technology of luxury goods sales. 30
11. Techniques and materials of visual arts. 30
12. Styles of decorative and applied arts. 20
13. Attribution and expertise of icons. 24
14. Restoration of monuments of material culture. 30
15. Attribution and expertise of porcelain and ceramics. 24
16. Russian jewellery art. 24
17. Attribution and expertise of foreign jewellery art. 24
18. Attribution and expertise of metal artworks. 24
19. Attribution and expertise of furniture and methods of restoration. 24
20. Painting of the XX century and the contemporary art process. 24

Total hours – 502.