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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the language of learning in the Institute?

The language of learning in our Institute is Russian.

Will you have the e-learning course “History of Art. Attribution and expertise of art objects.” this year?

The materials of the e-learning programme are available at any time and students choose time and place of learning independently.

How can I apply?

  1. You have to write a message in a free way and indicate a chosen programme.
  2. We send you the necessary documents – an application form, a contract, a payment order.
  3. You have to fill in and sign the contract, fill in the application form, attach your passport copy and send them to us.
  4. You need to call us and clarify, if we have accepted your documents. After confirmation you have to pay the payment order in the bank (amount specified in the contract).
  5. As soon as we receive the payment or see the copy of the paid payment order, we send you a password for access to our distance learning Institute.

Is it possible to make a learning process faster?

An accelerated learning is possible. You have to fill in the necessary application form. The price of the learning remains the same.

What are the conditions of learning?

This kind of learning involves a purposeful, controlled, independent learning of disciplines on the chosen programme with the help of new multimedia and telecommunication technologies. Using the given kind of learning, a student can choose the time and place of learning himself. It is not necessary to attend face to face lectures as the student receives a special password to access a unique e-library, manuals, audio and video materials with the help of which the student can learn various disciplines independently. The advantages of this kind of learning are the following – the student can choose the time and development of each discipline himself. The student can start the e-learning programme after the fact of paying the payment order. The payment of the payment order (which is attached to the contract) is via the bank. While you are in Moscow, you can attend face to face lectures in the Institute.

Is it true that I can start e-learning at any time independently from the educational season?

You can start the e-learning programme at any time, as using this system, you can choose the time and place of learning yourself.

What education is necessary for admission in the Institute: a humanitarian education, experience in art business or they are not crucial for admission in the Institute?

To be admitted you must have a higher or secondary special education, the speciality is of no matter. The experience in art business is not necessary, but to study in the Institute you have to be motivated to invest time into your education.

What does the educational process look like (seminars, exhibitions, independent programmes, international interconnection, etc.)?

Approximately once per month one theme from the educational curriculum is studied (“Programmes”). After studying the theme, you have tests on the covered material based on reviewing of lectures and video-lessons, after that you can move to another topic. The graduates receive a diploma of the further additional education in addition to higher education, which gives them a right to carry out a new kind of activity validated by RF. In this case they need to arrive once to defend their diploma projects and receive validated RF diplomas.
This arrival is not necessary if receiving of a diploma is not crucial for you.

Which programme is it better to choose – 1-year programme or 2-year programme?

If you have a good humanitarian education (philosophy, art history, culture studies), it is better to choose a 1-year programme, because expertise and attribution of art objects are mainly studied during this course. If you don’t have such an education, it is better to choose a 2-year programme, because during the first year History of Art is only studied, and during the second year – expertise and attribution of artworks are studied.