Management and marketing in contemporary art

Programme of the professional retraining

The graduates of the programme receive validated diplomas of professional retraining.


DisciplineAcademic hours
1. Painting of the XX century and the contemporary art process 40
2. Gallery business: principles of professionalism 40
3. Basis of an art-dealing profession and the contemporary art market 30
4. Artworks marketing 30
5. Methods of valuation and the contemporary art auctions 30
6. Legal and legislative questions, taxes on imports and exports of culture values 20
7. Museology 40
8. Method of expert analysis of visual and multimedia arts and objects 20
9. Consulting in the sphere of collecting 30
10. Art as an object of investments 30
11. Technology of luxury goods sales 30
12. Techniques and materials in contemporary art 30
13. Philosophy of contemporary art 30
14. Contemporary sculpture 30
15. Contemporary glass and ceramics 30
16. Problems of preservation and exhibition of the contemporary art objects 40

Total hours – 500

Various specialized courses in different trends of the art market are available at the Institute as well.

Mode of study: day, evening

Schedule: weekends/ evenings - 4-hour classes once per week.

All courses are taught by people who are leaders in their fields.