The Institute of Art Business and Antiques

The Institute of Art Business and Antiques is a member of an organization recognized as a symbol of quality and integrity in the art and antique world:

International Confederation of Art and Antique Dealers Association (CINOA) and the part of CINOA on the territory of Russia and CIS - International Confederation of Antique and Art Dealers (ICAAD)

The mission of this international organization is to:


We are located at the address Sivtsev Vrazhek Lane 43. The Institute itself is now located in the memorable place. Initially, house 43 ,was known, as the apartment house of E. A. Shablykina, was built in 1906 by the architect Oltarzhevsky. Also, this house is known for the fact that the great Russian artist Nesterov lived and worked there. One of his most famous paintings - «Philosophers». The painting depicts philosophers whose works express the main ideas of Russian philosophical thought

Sivtsev Vrazhek Lane is a wonderful example of an urban historical environment. Its name comes from the XVII century and comes from the word ravine ("vrazhek"). Every house in this lane is a witness to epochal events. Each house was inhabited by outstanding people in our history. Entire ensembles of architectural monuments are located here. Some of them appeared on the pages of outstanding literary works.

In addition, Sivtsev Vrazhek Street is located 100 meters away from the “Moscow street” Arbat - one of the most famous and historical important streets in Moscow. Arbat, like Red Square, is a necessary place for the first visit for guests of the capital. Our Institute offers «Art-Arbat excursions», about how great painters, sculptors and architects got inspiration from this place and inspired Moscow with their works.

This is an important stage in the development of the Institute, because by moving to the heart of the old capital, we dream of enriching the educational experience of our students. We want to make staying in the environment of the historical and cultural heritage of Moscow an immediate part of the educational process.

Education Staff

The study programmes are taught by some of the most knowledgeable and highly respected experts in the field of art. All of them are not only acknowledged specialists, but have legal rights and state certificates to expertize art objects.

Among them are the best specialists in art history and theory, experienced museum practitioners. Some are experts from the State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, the State Tretyakov Art Gallery, the State Historical Museum, the Kremlin Museums, Museum of Oriental Art, Ostankino Palace-Museum of Serf Art, Kuskovo Ceramics Museum, House of Icons, restoration workshops, as well as lecturers from the best Moscow academic institutions.

Our students

Our students are from diverse backgrounds, interests, generations and have had different life experiences.  They choose our institute because they want to get a better understanding of the artists, their techniques, methods and masterpieces.

We seek students who aspire to gain knowledge in art history, explore various fascinating art collections with people who live and breathe art.

We welcome potential students who aspire to establish their own collections; collectors who are interested in long-term investments; owners and employees of galleries and art shops, who want to enhance their knowledge of art.

All those people who choose art and antiques as their specialization and would like to progress or simply to fill any gaps in their knowledge are encouraged to apply.